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Privacy Policy:

Your privacy is important to us. We value the trust you place in us when you use our services or interact with us through our website or over the phone. We take seriously the responsibility of protecting your privacy and the information we collect about you. In order to provide our services to you on a cost-effective basis to best meet your needs and interests, we inevitably must collect some information about you. The commitments in this Privacy Policy reflect our core business objective of providing you with the most innovative and superior services as possible while, at the same time, offering you choices about how we use information about you to achieve that objective. You count on us to deliver the best entertainment and communication experiences in the world. You also count on us to protect your personal information. Privacy is fundamental to our business and we’re committed to: • Transparency • Choice and Control • Security • Integrity We encourage you to review the full Privacy Policy and to contact us if you have any questions.